Protec Body Armour for safe riding

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Stay safe with Protec Body Armour >

Protect your kids with Protec

Already got the kids a skateboard or scooter? Looking for the perfect Christmas gift to keep you happy and them safe? Protec Body Armour is just what you need, available at

Protec Body Armour for Christmas

Protec body protection is one of the best sellers at thanks to their extensive range of protection to keep all your essential and vulnerable bits covered when out on the street tearing up the pavements. Whether you’re a parent wanting to give the kids a great gift that’ll also give you peace of mind, or someone that’s experienced a nasty fall and doesn’t want to ruin another pair of jeans, Protec protection is ideal. With Protec wrist protection, Protec knee protection and Protec elbow pads great for younger kids on scooters and bikes, also stock the larger items from Protec Body Armour including Protec back armour and Protec hip protection.

Cheap Protec prices

For all your body armour needs, get to for the most extensive selection, the cheapest prices and the best brands.